Hey Baby 4D Ultrasound Franchise


Hey Baby 4D clinics offer expectant parents a unique opportunity to meet their baby in stunning 4D imagery. All of our clinics work with state of the art equipment with the latest i-Live software. This enables them to provide the highest quality experiences and images for their customers.

Private ultrasound clinics complement the NHS by enabling parents an opportunity to bond with their baby in a safe and professional environment, without the added time pressures that the NHS handle incredibly well.

Meeting a baby with its parents for the first time is such a magical experience! Now you have the opportunity to join us with our unique franchise offering.


Help to set up and kickstart your new business

  • Large Territories - Our no. 1 priority is to help you succeed. That’s why we allocate larger territories than most franchises, ensuring that there’s a large enough population to sustain your business. There’ll be room for a second clinic if you like, too!

  • Modest start-up fees with financing available - Remaining in line with our values at all times, we just think it should be fair and transparent. It’s as simple as that.

  • Bespoke website & booking system - Starting a business can be a scary exercise, but don’t worry – we’ve got your back! Our in-house experts have designed a bespoke website and booking system just for you. With management reporting tools to show you the way, success is in your hands!

  • Fixed monthly franchise fees - We won’t charge you additional royalties when you begin making more profit – why should you be penalised for your success?

  • Flexibility - Just because you want the advice and support of a franchise, doesn’t mean that you don’t have ideas of your own. We will work with you to ensure that your clinic is ‘on brand’, whilst ensuring that you have a say in the process. This is your business after all!

  • Continual Support - We will work with you throughout the duration of your partnership with us to ensure that your clinic is the best it can be. It’s in our interests to help you succeed; we want you to stay with us for the long haul.
    Hey Baby Franchisees are always encouraged to share the love. If something’s working for one clinic, you’ll have the opportunity to replicate.

Hey Baby Franchises isn’t a large corporate machine, we’re a family. We celebrate success together, we help and support wherever we can and we work together towards our common goal – to provide expectant parents with an outstanding service which is safe, caring and fun, whilst having fun ourselves and making a healthy profit.

Operational Support

Help to set up and kickstart your new business

  • Full access to our proven business model and marketing campaigns, with regular on-site support throughout your start-up phase and beyond.
  • A step-by-step manual to opening and operating your own 4D scanning clinic.
  • Exclusive discounts on your new 4D ultrasound scanner.
  • Templates for all required documents.
  • Templates for all policies (including everything required for CQC registration).
  • Support with the CQC registration process.
  • Access to Groupon and Wowcher to kickstart your business.
  • Exclusive access to discounted rates with specialist insurance companies, accountancy providers and other essential services.
  • Introductions to all national Hey Baby partners.

Marketing Support

Help to promote and quickly progress your business

  • Full access to the Hey Baby 4D branding and trademarks.
  • Templates for all printed marketing materials (including promotional leaflets, posters, photo sleeves etc.)
  • A proven and successful digital marketing strategy tailored to your territory.
  • Opt in to our Digital Marketing services to ensure a consistent flow of customers to your website.
  • Support with setting up all social media profiles and campaigns.
"Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people”, Steve Jobs

So what are we looking for in a Franchisee?

  • Care - First and foremost, you need to care. About pregnancy, about babies, about customer service and satisfaction, about making a difference and working together.

  • Experience - You don’t need to be a Sonographer to be successful in this business. You do need to have an interest in the industry and be prepared to invest your time and energy into developing yourself professionally to bridge any gaps in your experience.

  • Ethics - It goes without saying; you need to operate in a moral and ethical manner at all times.

  • Determination - This is a beautiful business, but it’s still a business at the end of the day. The capacity to make decisions, manage partnerships and remain consistently ahead of the competition is going to make a success of your clinic.

  • Collaboration - We rely on each other to continually promote our brand in the best possible manner. Working collaboratively, developing our growing brand and sharing ideas and experience is a family affair!

  • FUN - Last but by no means least, you need to be prepared to have some fun! You'll need to create an environment that promotes fun for both your staff and your customers, and for you too!

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