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Our Enfield clinic is at the forefront of providing exceptional pregnancy scan services in North London. We cater to the needs of expectant parents, offering a range of ultrasound services that not only offer peace of mind but also a special opportunity to connect with your unborn baby.

About Pregnancy Scans in North London

Serving a Wide Community

Hey Baby 4D Enfield: Conveniently located for residents of Winchmore Hill, Southgate, Palmers Green, and Edmonton, our Enfield clinic is also easily accessible for expectant parents coming from wider areas such as Haringey, Barnet, and even central London locations.

We boast state-of-the-art ultrasound technology, operated by a team of skilled sonographers. Our goal is to make every visit relaxing, informative, and an occasion to treasure. Trust in Hey Baby North London to offer a professional, caring, and personalized scanning experience, helping you bond with your baby in a unique and beautiful way.

Hey Baby 4D Enfield

Clinic Website:
Clinic Number: 020 3475 9000
Clinic Address: 840 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill, London. N21 2RT
Clinic Details: Located in North London, Hey Baby 4D Enfield provides you with a choice of scanning packages to suit all stages of your pregnancy. Whether you’re looking for reassurance, a bonding experience with your baby, finding out the gender, or a 4D scan, you can count on us to make it a magical experience! Bring up to 5 guests to your appointment and make this a day to remember for your family, too!

Some Of The Scans We Offer

Early Scan

A reassuring 15-minute scan providing early insights from 6 weeks through to 16 weeks. Includes prints & wellbeing form.

SneakPeak Gender Test

Available from as early as 6 weeks, this simple blood test confirms your baby’s gender with high accuracy.

Wellbeing & Gender Scan

A 15-minute appointment from 16 weeks onward to check your baby’s wellbeing and determine their sex. Includes a 4D preview, gender reveal lighting, and photo prints.

Growth and Bonding Scan

This 15-minute scan provides reassurance, checks baby’s wellbeing, and includes heart beating sound and sex confirmation.

Wellbeing & 4D/VIP 4D Baby Scan

Experience a 4D bonding session and check the wellbeing of your baby. Includes prints and a wellbeing form, with extra services available for purchase.

NIPT & Reassurance Scan

Starting from 10 weeks, this blood test identifies conditions like Down’s, Edward’s, and Patau’s Syndromes, and can also reveal the baby’s gender. 

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