Your Visit

Your Visit

You don’t need to do anything to prepare for your scan, although it can be useful to have your pregnancy notes with you for our Sonographer to see.



You don’t need to do anything to prepare for your scan, although it can be useful to have your pregnancy notes with you for our Sonographer to see. As with all scans, we will get a much clearer image if you have a full bladder (but not too full!). Please call and inform us if you require us to make any reasonable adjustments for your visit (i.e. in the case of visual impairment, limited mobility or language barriers, etc). Click here for directions

On Arrival

Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete and sign our Consent Form. This is a legal requirement, ensuring that we have obtained your consent for us to perform the scan. It also enables us to check that the details we hold are correct and that you understand our terms.

If you have an infection or illness, please call us before your appointment to inform us. Your appointment may need to be rescheduled, but your deposit will not be lost.

The Scan

All scanning packages begin with our wellbeing check and offer optional gender confirmation in traditional black and white 2D. The ultrasound scanner will then be switched in to 4D mode, transforming your baby and showing incredible detail. You will be able to watch in fascination as your baby sucks their thumb or rubs their eyes, wiggling around in the womb. You can see all of their tiny fingers and toes and some parents are even able to tell whose nose baby has!

If you’ve booked a 4D experience, you will have plenty of time to watch and bond with your baby whilst it (hopefully) puts on a little show for you. It’s important to remember that some babies do love to play hide and seek! If this is the case with your little treasure, don’t worry. We will do what we can to get baby moving for you. If they are being a little shy, we will simply invite you back to try again either later, or on another day.**

Hey Baby Gender Reveal packages are a fantastic way to learn your baby’s gender with a bang
Services may vary from one location to the next, but all of our clinics will treat you to a little ‘Hey Baby’ surprise!

After Your Scan

When your scan is complete, you will be invited into our ‘Viewing Zone’ so that you can browse through your images and select those that you wish to print. And with our 4D Video package, you are able to take every minute of this footage home with you to share with your friends and family. You’ll love seeing the look of joy on their faces, just like we love seeing it on yours!

It doesn’t end there… We’ve specifically designed our packages so that you’re able to visit us at any time during your pregnancy. View our packages to see what scans we offer and to check availability.

** Please note that a rescan will only be possible during certain times of pregnancy and will be subject to availability. The bigger baby gets, the less likely it is to move and therefore better images may not be possible. Please ask your local clinic for more information.

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