Ultrasound Timeline

Ultrasound scans are all performed at specific times during pregnancy to complement the size, development, and position of your baby. Below is a guide to show you which scans are available at what stage during your pregnancy.

Visual Heartbeat: from 6 weeks

See the heart beating

Length of Baby: from 8 weeks

See how long your baby is

Dates: from 8 weeks

We can check your date of conception and your expected due date (EDD) from 8 weeks into your pregnancy

Foetal Biometry: from 15 weeks

Head, tummy & femur measurements

Audible Heartbeat: from 16 weeks

See and hear the heart beating

Foetal Weight: from 28 weeks

An estimation of the weight of your unborn baby

Liquid Volume, Placenta, Presentation: from 32 weeks

Checking the position of baby and placenta, along with the volume of amniotic fluid

Our Scans

Early Reassurance Scan

Early Reassurance Scan

Late Reassurance Scan

Reassurance Scan

Wellbeing & Gender Scan
Wellbeing & Gender Scan
Wellbeing & 4D Baby Scans

Wellbeing & 4D Baby Scan

Gender At 6 Weeks Announcement
SneakPeek Gender Test
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