Emergency Pregnancy Scan

24/7 Out of Hours Service in Sutton, South London

£250 for 6+ weeks pregnancy

Why Choose Our Emergency Pregnancy Scan

If you have concerns about your pregnancy’s health but are unable to schedule an appointment during regular hours or need immediate reassurance, our emergency pregnancy scan is the ideal option. Our experienced sonographers will promptly address your worries and provide the necessary care during a 30-minute appointment tailored to your specific symptoms and concerns.

What to Expect During the Scan

During your emergency pregnancy scan, our skilled sonographer will conduct a non-diagnostic assessment, tailored to your needs. The scan includes:

  • Locating the pregnancy and confirming if single or multiple
  • Checking the baby’s heartbeat
  • Conducting a basic wellbeing check
  • Performing a non-diagnostic assessment of your symptoms and concerns
  • Post-consultation to discuss findings and next steps, which may involve a referral to your maternity care provider or a local hospital

Please note that this scan is performed in 2D and does not include gender confirmation or 4D imaging of your baby. It is designed solely to offer vital information about your pregnancy’s wellbeing during emergencies. Bookings are subject to the availability of our sonographer.

Your Wellbeing is Our Priority:

If any concerns are identified during the scan, rest assured that our sonographer will discuss their findings with you. In such cases, we may recommend a referral to your maternity care provider or the nearest NHS hospital for further investigation. Your health and that of your baby are paramount, and we will ensure you receive the necessary care promptly.

How to Book an Emergency Pregnancy Scan:

To book your appointment, please call our friendly team at 0208 669 5799. As this is an out-of-hours service, appointments can only be made via the telephone. Our telephone line is available outside of hours, and we aim to answer every call promptly. In the event we are unable to reach you within 30 minutes, please book our first available appointment via the website.

Upon confirmation of your booking with our team, you will receive an email with a payment link and consent form. Both payment and the form must be completed before your appointment.

Please Note:

This emergency scan is not a substitute for your routine scans with the NHS. We encourage you to continue attending your scheduled appointments for comprehensive maternity care.

In case of severe pain or bleeding, it is crucial to contact your local Early Pregnancy Assessment Service or visit the nearest accident and emergency department immediately.

At Hey Baby 4D Sutton, we are committed to supporting you throughout your pregnancy journey, providing exceptional care when you need it the most. Count on us for reliable, professional, and reassuring pregnancy scanning services. Book your emergency pregnancy scan now and experience the comfort of knowing you are in safe hands.

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